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Criminal Records Expungement Program Pays $500 for Records Removal

Admin September 23, 2019
Criminal Records

Ohio-based CareSource is a non profit nationally recognized health plan. As a result one of the country’s largest administrators of Medicaid. The Indiana re entry criminal records expungement program will assist those returning to successfully adjust and transition back in to society. CareSource have received Indiana State approval for the $500 per person contribution. The health plan provider sees the…

California Criminal Records may See Millions Expunged

Admin June 17, 2019
Criminal Records

Two legislative measures (AB1076 and AB1331) concerning California criminal records argue for restoration of rights for ex prisoners. Those released often find that re acclimatising to society and overcoming the obstacles of re integration are a further sentence in itself. The Democrat initiative, if successful, could see upwards to eight million Californian residents enjoy a clean slate. This legislation follows…

Students with Criminal Records Get Another Opportunity at a Career

Admin October 8, 2017
Criminal Records

The STEP-UP program is helping many students with criminal records to embrace a trade and become skilled. Those students enrolled in the program can achieve a 1 year certificate within heavy equipment and thereafter seek out high demand roles. Such as construction, welding or office administration. One student found herself on the wrong side of the law with possession of…

Tenants with Criminal Records Viewed with Racial Disparity

Admin October 25, 2016
Criminal Records

White females have been shown favoritism by landlords in Washington over their black female counterparts. The study in to tenants with criminal records by the Equal Rights Center was released on the 18th October. Both white and black female applicants had similar backgrounds. White female (applicants) tenants with criminal records were preferred in 47% of test cases. The Equal Rights…

Amazon Criminal Background Checks for Drivers Questioned

Admin October 20, 2016
Criminal Records

A legal advocacy group has taken issue with more rigorous Amazon criminal background checks by delivery companies contracted to Amazon. The checks have been seen to disproportionately affect black and Latino drivers. The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights based in Boston have contacted Amazon CEO in respect of the new policy. The Amazon criminal background checks do not consider past…

Juvenile Criminal Records Expungement Call to Arms

Admin July 25, 2016
Criminal Records

The State House has been a platform for Teens Leading The Way initiative on Juvenile criminal records expungement. A part victory was welcomed last week by activist groups. Efforts to free individuals stigmatized by their mis-spent youth and indiscretions seem to be bearing fruit. Gathering at The State House asides from Teens Leading The Way were UTEC and Roca. They…