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PACER Court Records Unlikely to be Provided Free of Charge

Admin October 9, 2019
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,PACER court records requires a funding source, to offer them to the public for free will only require an alternative funding option. Legislation proposes free access however this would increase litigation costs (Court fees) and may well present a bar to justice as a result of these costs. PACER is the federal court’s electronic records system. Without additional options the…

US Court Records Pacer Faces Legal Test over Costs

Admin October 17, 2016
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The majority of people who want to access the US court records Pacer database are typically charged 10 cents per page. This records database comprises papers and documents filed by litigants in Federal Courts. While 10 cents doesn’t sound a great deal however critics also maintain that this is only the beginning. Consequently a more holistic view should be adopted…

Court Records Confirm Police Made Millions from Speeding Tickets

Admin June 29, 2016
Court Records

FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. Recent Court records highlight concerns over millions in revenue generated since 2010. The Prosecutor (Faulkner County) has requested state police investigate allegations of a somewhat lucrative speed trap. The town in question lies between Faulkner through Van Buren Counties. KARK (Working 4 You) has received numerous complaints and grievances from viewers. Authority to rob has been likened…

Court Records Search Blighted by Revamp

Admin March 25, 2016
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San Bernardino County: Access by the public has dwindled significantly of late re: court records search. February 11th saw the open access court records search site (San Bernardino Superior Court) go offline. These court records also take in Victorville. The loss was due to a new system being implemented. The new system will cost in excess of $4 million over…

Court Records Confirm Pharmacies Declined Death Penalty Drugs

Admin January 7, 2016
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Court records confirm that at the time Alabama was trying to source drugs for lethal injection officials were declined by all pharmacies they made contact with. State officials had asked all licensed pharmacist (compounding ) within Alabama to fulfill orders for pentobarbital. At one time the primary drug for lethal injections. Court records also confirm attempts to purchase from 4…

Court Records Service Overhauled in Light of Embezzlement

Admin December 14, 2015
Court Records

There has been sweeping changes in the court records service this year in Southold. Measures have been put in place to avoid <rel=”attachment wp-att-1200″=””>a repeat of the misappropriation of fines, bail money and cash totaling $231,000. The theft resulted in a conviction of a long standing court employee. A new role (Justice Court Director) has been created and the post…