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New York Birth Records access for Adoptees after 80 years

Admin March 9, 2020
Birth Records

Adopted children in New York have been denied access to their original birth records for 80 years. However that has all changed and access to New York birth records are now providing answers that many thought would never see the light of day and New York has become the 10th state to open adoption records without restrictions. New York State sealed…

Pennsylvania Birth Records Uncover BMI Link and Infant Cancer

Admin July 31, 2019
Birth Records

Researchers investigating Pennsylvania birth records have found links between severe obesity and childhood cancer. The research involved around two million Pennsylvania birth records together with approximately 3,000 registered records (cancer). These records filed between 2003 through 2016. The results revealed that mother’s who gave birth with a BMI in excess of 40 passed on a 57% risk to their children…

Texas Online Records System Causing Delays Post Launch

Admin January 18, 2019
Birth Records

The new Texas online records system that went live on January 1st has not had an encouraging start. Records offices are continuing to navigate the new vital records system and clerks State wide have been unable to make available birth records (certificate copies). Frustrated applicants have been referred to State offices and website posts. Any one born outside of the…

Indiana Birth Records Now Available Pre 1994 for Adoptees

Admin July 8, 2018
Birth Records

As from July 1st  Indiana birth records prior to January 1st 1994 can now be accessed by adoptees thanks to a change in State law. A request for records via The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH).  Indiana birth records for adoptees have been unavailable up until now. Adoption records pre January 1st 1994 had automatic closure. However this was…

Birth Records Confirm Premature Newborn Links to Air Pollution

Admin March 31, 2016
Birth Records

Analysts have studied birth records and air quality data around premature births within the U.S. Premature new born attributed to air pollution costs over $4 billion annually. These costs represent the loss of economic opportunity and medical care. There are approximately 16,000 babies born prematurely yearly in part due to air pollution. Birth records also confirmed that loss of productivity…

Redacted Ohio Birth Records to be Re-issued

Admin September 24, 2015
Birth Records

The Department of Health in Ohio has responded to accusations that it violated the state’s new laws on adoption records. Birth records (certificates) will now be re-issued to around 3 dozen adoptees. These individuals having information redacted that was seen as excessive. Adoptees numbering 400,000 had their birth records unsealed and who had their adoptions finalized from 1964 through 1996….

Birth Records Confirm Mining Risks

Admin May 19, 2015
Birth Records

According to a recent press release by The IU School of Public Health a testimony opposed to HR 1644 will directly affect mountain top coal mining. The testimony would block the implementation of stream protection buffer rules. Streams and valleys are directly affected due to displacement following blasting by explosives. The blasting is effectively loosening dirt and rocks above coal…