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Open Hiring Model Promotes Inclusivity and social justice

Admin October 11, 2021
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The Open hiring model allows more people the opportunity to work and make a living. They also have the chance to prove they are employable and trustworthy. This is why it’s important for employers to show this can be a positive influence on society. The open hiring model addresses the injustices of society and the imbalances therein. This is a…

Arrest Records Initiative to End Housing Discrimination

Admin April 21, 2019
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As the U.S. celebrates 51 years of the Fair Housing Act determined and committed moves are being made to end housing discrimination against those with arrest records. April recognized as National Fair Housing Month and Second Chance Month. As the chief sponsor (Commissioner Johnson (D-1) ) of the “Just Housing” amendment which will be a new clause within the Human…

California Arrest Records for Marijuana Wiped

Admin February 11, 2018
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California arrest records have been wiped for those residents with previous convictions for marijuana. This follows an initiative back in 2016 whereby voters had backed to de-criminalise the use of marijuana (recreational use). Thousands could now have their pot convictions wiped (misdemeanor) automatically while thousands more could see their felony charges re-categorized. The district attorney for San Francisco announced the…

Wrongful Arrest Records Erased Under New Legislation

Admin August 5, 2016
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New legislation around wrongful arrest records has been implemented in Rhode Island. The new law saw it’s inception around an arrest in California dating back to 2014. Law enforcement are now directed to destroy wrongful arrest records of individuals concerned. Tuesday saw a signing ceremony drawing attention to the legislation. The new legislation is known as an “auto-erase” law. This…

Arrest Records Condemn Thousands of Students

Admin March 17, 2016
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Concerns over the arrest records of juveniles and students within Chicago Public Schools are gathering momentum. Tuesday may well be seen as a positive move towards wholesale change within Chicago’s police department. The Cook County state Attorney (Alvarez) may well be on her way out of office along with her role in the quagmire of police culture. Vocal calls resonate…

Arrest Records not to Restrict or Bar Access to Public Housing

Admin November 9, 2015
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A recent HUD notice states arrest records can not be used or relied upon when terminating assistance, denying admission and/or serving eviction notices. HUD is committed to making available second chances to those previously imprisoned while ensuring that those individuals are not denied HUD subsidized housing due to erroneous or inaccurate evidence of a criminal past or arrest records. As…

Arrest Records to be Linked within Ohio Courts Network

Admin June 22, 2015
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OHIO: Those individuals appearing before County judges in Ohio will have their arrest records made available from other jurisdictions. New rules coming in to force requires every court state wide to engage with a single database which will be case related. This will be known as the OCN (Ohio Court Network). The OCN is looking to be fully functional by…