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Automated background screening causing headaches for renters

Admin July 2, 2020
Background Check

When a landlord ran an automated background screening report on a prospective tenant in 2018 the results were surprising to say the least. The check returned countless drug related charges, jumping bail and selling meth, a DWI along with disorderly conduct. However the real injustice was that none of the charges related to the applicant. The burgeoning demand for the…

Illinois background checks almost double in March

Admin April 25, 2020
Background Check

A record number of Illinois background checks have been carried out in March related to firearms sales. These record numbers saw a peak within the last two weeks of March. The second half of the month seeing increased concerns over the coronavirus pandemic and as the lock down took effect. Over 60,000 background checks were processed with around 80% of…

Marriage Records bill SB62 removes race criteria from application

Admin March 29, 2020
Marriage Records

The marriage records bill SB62 is seen as a big step forward in that there is no requirement for couples to disclose race when filing divorce/marriage records or annulment reports (State Registrar). In light of the new policy a box immediately under the race question “Declined to Answer” is present along with clerks now being required to issue licenses irrespective…

Elder Care giver receives 18 month sentence for exploitation

Admin March 18, 2020
Elder Abuse

An elder care giver in Boise, Idaho has been found guilty for the abuse of an elderly couple along with neglect and exploitation. The arrest of Sherri Watring (53) was made in January 2019 and charges were of 2 felony counts, that being abuse and neglect of a vulnerable adult. The elder care giver was also charged with exploitation in…

New York Birth Records access for Adoptees after 80 years

Admin March 9, 2020
Birth Records

Adopted children in New York have been denied access to their original birth records for 80 years. However that has all changed and access to New York birth records are now providing answers that many thought would never see the light of day and New York has become the 10th state to open adoption records without restrictions. New York State sealed…

Pennsylvania DUI may undermine Second Amendment rights

Admin February 6, 2020
DUI Records

A Pennsylvania DUI conviction may prohibit the right to owning firearms in Pennsylvania. This precedent has recently been handed down and is determined as to how the Federal government defines a “serious crime” i.e. how high the bar has been set in respect of the level or degree of a crime that bars gun ownership. A serious crime (Federal law)…