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Death Records and Lost Babies

admin May 3, 2015
Death Records

An investigation is being sought by an attorney following a young child who had apparently died at birth but then showed up alive and well many years later. The St louis Hospital told eighteen black women that their new born had died. However the mothers are now questioning if their children are still alive. It all began with Zelia Jackson…

NSA phone records program bill

admin May 2, 2015
Phone Records

Legislation to prevent the mass collection of phone records in the U.S. has been approved by a House Panel. The overwhelming vote against the NSA (National Security Agency) went 25-2 sending to the house floor the USA Freedom Act. The 2 votes against were from law makers arguing for more protection for civil liberties. The current legislation is a more…

Background check files Targeted

admin May 1, 2015
Background Check

Adversaries of the U.S. along with Chinese hackers are digging for background check files of powerful people. Among the companies targeted have been Keypoint and USIS along with the OPM (Office of Personnel Management). Also the information of certain individuals and family members can be found from undermining the data integrity of health insurance companies. After the records of 1000’s…

GPS for Sex Offenders Nears Law

admin April 30, 2015
Sex Offenders

Key state Senate along with Assembly committees passed 2 bills improving GPS monitoring of violent sex offenders. This was on the heels of the murders of 4 Orange County women. The bills now move closer to law. A further bill to increase incarceration for sex offenders disabling their GPS was also passed unanimously. A measure for a state wide GPS…

Ohio criminal records system flawed

admin April 29, 2015
Criminal Records

A number of ongoing issues with the Ohio state’s criminal records background check system have prompted considerations for it’s replacement. The system being a 3M Cogent criminal records biometric system. Operated by the BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation) over the past fifteen years and being plagued with problems. Thousands of criminals and felons have been confirmed as having clean records….

New Background Check Laws

admin April 28, 2015
Background Check

New rules that come in to effect this year in New Hampshire requires anyone working with children (Youth Skills Programs) to be subject to a criminal background check. Rules apply to any volunteer and/or paid staff who works for 3 consecutive days or longer and also to those who are below 18 years of age. James Martin (Department of Environmental…