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students with criminal records get another opportunity at a career

admin October 8, 2017
Criminal Records

The STEP-UP program is helping many students with criminal records to embrace a trade and become skilled. Those students enrolled in the program can achieve a 1 year certificate within heavy equipment and thereafter seek out high demand roles. Such as construction, welding or office administration. One student found herself on the wrong side of the law with possession of…

background checks for uber drivers modified

admin October 3, 2017
Background Check

The recent shift in sentiment over background checks for Uber drivers sees some flexibility and empathy. Uber and Lyft drivers now have a window of opportunity to appeal rejections. The case being that those drivers who had automatic bans, due to court settlements, were banned automatically. However they had no criminal conviction. Pressure had been mounting from criminal justice activists…

Background checks for gun sales breaks previous records

admin September 30, 2017
Background Check

Background checks for gun sales are breaking new ground with alarming figures for August 2017. The amount of background checks carried out in August 2017 was 1,925,146. In August 2016 that figure was 1,853,815 background checks for gun sales. A further worrying trend was that records were set for fifteen consecutive months, that being May 2015 through November 2016. That…

Commissioner rules Traffic Tickets are Public Records

admin September 20, 2017
Police Records

Vermont’s commissioner for public safety has ruled that Traffic tickets are now public records. Irrespective if a juvenile is named and from the time of issue. This ruling has thwarted efforts by State police to keep the ticket secret and out of reach of public records. The commissioner advised the a civil ticket is deemed a written record procured as…

Background report required 5 yearly for school employees

admin July 31, 2017
Background Check

Hundreds of educators within Hancock County will be subject to a background report within 5 years. This action is as a result of a state law recently adopted (House Enrolled Act 1079) and school districts are now mulling over how the background report costs will be met. The act encompasses every school employee (support staff, teachers and admin) and requires a…

Are cell phone text message records public or private

admin March 14, 2017
Phone Records

Cell phone text message records falls within the The Public Records Act of North Carolina. Requests by citizens are ever more encompassing of public business. The act details a wide variety of medium including papers, documents, letters, maps, photographs, books, films along with other documentary material. The most recognized requests to local government for paper and email files are fairly…