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Police Records Leaked to Gang Members

Admin May 15, 2015
Police Records

An employee of the Montebello Police dept. is alleged to have leaked police records to a gang member. The leaked records contained information about witnesses to an attempted murder. The police records clerk may have compromised numerous citizens police records. The information had been shared with Sangra gang members. As a result two lawsuits have been filed for those individuals…

Oregon Expands Background Checks

Admin May 14, 2015
Background Check

Oregon has become the 8th state to initiate further reaching background checks for private gun sales. This includes internet transactions. The bill has now been signed in to law by Dem. Gov. Kate Brown. Unlicensed gun sellers were circumnavigating the Brady Law due to online sales and gun shows by private sellers. While licensed gun sellers had to carry out…

Delaware and Juvenile Public Criminal Records

Admin May 13, 2015
Criminal Records

A new bill is to receive a vote in Delaware that will make it easier for juveniles who have convictions to have them expunged from public criminal records. The bill is a modification of discretionary expungement allowing more individuals with non violent felonies and misdemeanors to have their public criminal records wiped. The individual can not have pending criminal charges…

DUI Checkpoints in Minority Areas

Admin May 12, 2015
DUI Records

A recent investigation has found that Chicago Police are setting up more DUI checkpoints in minority and ethnic communities than it has in majority white communities. Out of 152 DUI checks 84% were in Hispanic or black areas. The data was drawn from the period February 2010 to June 2014. Less than 4% of DUI checkpoints took place in white…

Background Check for Teachers

Admin May 11, 2015
Background Check

Principals and teachers are required to have a criminal background check in Kansas. However this is not the case for other employees, aides and school bus drivers. A local man had been arrested by Police in Topeka on child pornography charges carried out in Texas. The man was working as a bus driver for schools. The company that had employed…

Death Records and Fed Payments

Admin May 10, 2015
Death Records

The Office of Inspector General for Social Security Administration has released a report over federal payments to citizens that were deceased as confirmed by death records. Asides from the money being paid over to the deceased they were, naturally, not working, Around 740 deceased benefited by around a total of $17 million. The SSA commented that they could only know…

Phone Records and Police Access

Admin May 9, 2015
Phone Records

Following the sentencing of a man for a number of robberies a federal appeals court has ruled that police can access your phone records if they so wish and without permission. The phone records obtained by prosecution from his carrier placed him at various crime scenes. The court directed that mobile phone users can not expect privacy within business records…

Sex Offenders and Social Media

Admin May 8, 2015
Sex Offenders

Sex offenders are still using Facebook and creating profiles irrespective that they are banned by Facebook from using the site. These are clearly detailed in it’s terms of service. However there are no restrictions in New Mexico as to social media being used by sex offenders. www.kob.com/ discovered individuals using Facebook One a 26 yr old who was a registered…

Tampa DUI check set up

Admin May 7, 2015
Court Records

With under a week to go before the trial of three Tampa lawyers surprising new evidence has surfaced. The allegation being that they orchestrated a DUI check set up. As to whether the DUI check can be used is now igniting debate. A recording of Melissa Personius is central to the dispute. The video reportedly has Personius confessing to framing…

Sex Offenders Military Loophole

Admin May 6, 2015
Sex Offenders

Untraceable and unregistered. Attackers are disappearing in to thin air due to loopholes in the sex offenders registry. A system whereby law enforcement and victims are unable to trace convicted sex offenders. An internal report done by The U.S. Department of Defense conducted an internal report and concerns were raised over military sex offenders. Numerous sex offenders leave federal prison…