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Background Check Without Suspicion of Crime

Admin June 4, 2015
Background Check

If you happen to be parked legally on the roadside and a law enforcement officer offers assistance all well and good. However if the officer then requests your license and makes his way back to his patrol car to run a background check tell the officer to immediately stop. As your constitutional rights have just been violated. This was direction…

Missouri Inmate Records Now Available

Admin June 2, 2015
Inmate Records

The often inhumane conditions of the prison had it dubbed the “bloodiest 47 acres in America.” Inmate records database of The MSP (Missouri State Penitentiary) now offers unrestricted access to 62,758 inmate records who spent time in the prison between 1836 to 1931. Details of the inmates include ages and names along with sentencing and the relevant crimes. Records also…

Property Records Uncover Real Estate Scam

Admin June 1, 2015
Property Records

After finding someone living in their property a police department clerk asked a colleague to investigate. They had vacated their Cheltenham house in order to modify their mortgage and found the squatters during a weekly check. The discovery launched a 2 year investigation that revealed a country wide property scam. The scam was led by a former realtor with 2…

Four DUI Charges and Cyclist’s Death

Admin May 29, 2015
DUI Records

A drunk driver who murdered a Lexington cyclist has been arrested on 3 previous occasions on DUI charges. The driver, according to court records, is also facing deportation proceedings. 29 year old Odilon Paz-Salvador from Mexico, reportedly hit Mark Hinkel, 57, while the Horsey Hundred cycling event was in full swing. Paz-Salvador drove on for a further 3 miles with…

NSA Curtails Phone Records Program

Admin May 26, 2015
Phone Records

The NSA has begun concluding it’s storage and collection of U.S. phone records. Following failure by the Senate to determine a way forward to extend or change the previously secret program. This precedes its expiration at the end of May. The Senate returns (session) on May 31. Barring a last minute compromise the curtain may well come down on that…

University Police Records Appeal by ESPN

Admin May 21, 2015
Police Records

ESPN are set to appeal a judge’s ruling (St Joseph Superior Court) in respect of The University Notre Dame’s police records. The notice was served to the Indiana Court of Appeals. ESPN contend the campus police records should not be subject to the open records law of the state. The notice was filed on Wednesday by the sports network. This…

Death Records and Exercise Benefits

Admin May 20, 2015
Death Records

It’s confirmed, exercise is integral to a healthy lifestyle. Researchers separated non exercisers from those that exercised after sifting through fourteen years of death records. Those that did not exercise were in the high risk category of premature death. The results, from evidence based studies (Journal of the American Medical Association) decipher the code to longevity and exercise. Researchers from…

Birth Records Confirm Mining Risks

Admin May 19, 2015
Birth Records

According to a recent press release by The IU School of Public Health a testimony opposed to HR 1644 will directly affect mountain top coal mining. The testimony would block the implementation of stream protection buffer rules. Streams and valleys are directly affected due to displacement following blasting by explosives. The blasting is effectively loosening dirt and rocks above coal…

Sex Offenders Required to Work Away From Children

Admin May 18, 2015
Sex Offenders

Certain sex offenders in Montana that are employed in close proximity to children must obtain special permission, face arrest or find a new job. Last week a state law took effect which prohibits sex offenders deemed high risk, who have victimized children, from working or living within 300 ft of an institution or facility serving young adults under 18 years…

Military Sex Offenders Registry Bill Passed

Admin May 16, 2015
Sex Offenders

Sex offenders within the military are to registered on a dedicated database. Recent legislation passed by the House of Representatives places responsibility on The Dept. Of Defense. The sex offenders registry database will not be available publicly but only to law enforcement officers and the FBI. The measure was added to The National Defense Authorization Act which funds the military….