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Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 – H.R.8

admin February 22, 2019
Background Check

The Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 (H.R.8) is legislation brought about by the efforts of young people. Those involved carried on a committed course of action at the ballot box and on the streets. Demanding action on gun violence they mobilised communities by demograph, geography and socio-economic class. The bill itself seeks to expand background checks for all firearms…

SB 1421 retrospective pre January 1 2019 argued RE public access

admin February 1, 2019
Police Records

SB 1421 and AB 748 (Effective July 1 2019) are significant items of legislation signed on September 30th 2018 requiring changes as to how police (peace) records are made available. Widely seen as a response to shootings of unarmed minority males by police. The statutes shift some impetus towards the public when requesting police records which prior to this were…

Texas Online Records System Causing Delays Post Launch

admin January 18, 2019
Birth Records

The new Texas online records system that went live on January 1st has not had an encouraging start. Records offices are continuing to navigate the new vital records system and clerks State wide have been unable to make available birth records (certificate copies). Applicants have been referred to State offices and website posts have made it clear that any one…

Elder abuse claim against Wells Fargo for $660k

admin December 6, 2018
Elder Abuse

A single female in her 70’s suffering from cognitive decline has brought her own elder abuse claim against Wells Fargo. The claim is for the sum of $660k representing her life savings which she alleges advisors of Wells Fargo, along with it’s employees (up to 100) and her advisor of thirty years, Russell Wixon, a managing partner of Wells Fargo…

Elder Abuse Complaints backlog now cleared in Minnesota

admin August 14, 2018
Elder Abuse

Minnesota has now cleared over 3,000 unresolved elder abuse complaints around senior care facilities in Minnesota. Relatives of the victims have previously protested over the lack of inaction by Minnesota State Legislature that would have brought elder protection to the fore. The State is also promising to prioritise investigations in to new elder abuse complaints. The cases dated back to…

University police records within Open Records Law ruling

admin August 6, 2018
Police Records

A ruling by a Judge in Utah has Brigham Young University’s police department now subject to Utah’s open records law (subject to appeal). The lawsuit was brought by The Salt Lake Tribune as a result of sexual assault claims at BYU and the university’s response thereafter over a 19 year old (student) rape allegation from 2016. The ruling by Judge Laura…