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Open Hiring Model Promotes Inclusivity and social justice

Admin October 11, 2021
Arrest Records

The Open hiring model allows more people the opportunity to work and make a living. They also have the chance to prove they are employable and trustworthy. This is why it’s important for employers to show this can be a positive influence on society. The open hiring model addresses the injustices of society and the imbalances therein. This is a…

Property Records Database highlight Restrictive deeds $50 million guaranteed

Admin August 7, 2021
Property Records

Table of Contents1 Property Records Database allocated $50 million over 10 years2 HUD To administer the property records database3 Mapping Prejudice4 Post War Discrimination Prevalent5 Segregated Seattle A bill (Mapping Housing Discrimination Act) to address the racial disparities in property records database has been backed by numerous Democrats. Universities and colleges would be provided with grants to map historical records….

Sealing criminal records Columbus helps residents with $500k grant

Admin January 31, 2021
Criminal Records

Sealing criminal records in Columbus Ohio just got a little easier. The Columbus City Council is in receipt of a private $500,000 grant to assist the community in sealing criminal records. The grant is courtesy of the Alliance for the American Dream. Schmidt Futures put forward the competitive grant program to fund the online portal “Opportunity Port“. This facility offers…

DUI expungement for first time convictions in Michigan

Admin December 30, 2020
DUI Records

A number of approved bills will encourage eligibility for DUI expungement in Michigan. Those with first time drink drive convictions can now clear their record. Thereafter automatic expungement of a juvenile offence may follow. This follows sweeping changes brought in by Gov. Whitmer. Earlier legislation excludes those who, due to an old driving offense, experience discrimination be it employment or…

background checks on gun purchases data should be current

Admin November 26, 2020
Background Check

Ohio has in recent times fallen short over background checks for gun purchases. In order to keep data current Ohio courts and law enforcement are under pressure to report criminal history. Information reporting to the State is critical to restoring confidence to it’s background check system. Consequently it has had it’s fair share of critics, the integrity of the database…

Are Pennsylvania Gun Background Checks fuelled by Social unrest

Admin October 15, 2020
Background Check

The number of Pennsylvania gun background checks almost doubled in the last quarter. This increase set against the same quarter from 2019. The increase tied to the pandemic and social unrest. The increase in PICS (Pennsylvania Instant Check System) activity was seen in the first quarter with awareness of COVID-19. However this trend has continued unabated towards record numbers. The…

Housing voucher discrimination support could be stalled

Admin September 27, 2020
Criminal Records

Housing Voucher Discrimination against Section 8 tenants and those with criminal records can benefit from revisions to fair housing laws. However tenants in Charlotte could see these efforts stalled by the General Assembly. The Great Neighborhoods Committee voted positively to amend State law to ban rental property owners and landlords refusing vouchers. In addition the amendments also banned landlords enquiring…

Racial Covenants in real estate despite fair housing laws

Admin August 11, 2020
Property Records

Those couples buying houses in some states find racial covenants in real estate still exist to this day. No matter how beautiful sales brochures seem the property may well hide a dark past. A purchaser may not even be aware of the covenants until they commit to the purchase by signing the documents.  It is a sad statement on society…

Automated background screening causing headaches for renters

Admin July 2, 2020
Background Check

When a landlord ran an automated background screening report on a prospective tenant in 2018 the results were surprising to say the least. The check returned countless drug related charges, jumping bail and selling meth, a DWI along with disorderly conduct. However the real injustice was that none of the charges related to the applicant. The burgeoning demand for the…

Illinois background checks almost double in March

Admin April 25, 2020
Background Check

A record number of Illinois background checks have been carried out in March.  These checks relating to firearms sales. As a result the record numbers peaked in the second half of March. Activity in this period confirms  increased pandemic concerns. Fears over lock down and Coronavirus fuelled the surge. Moreover 60,000 background checks were processed in March. Around 80% of…