The OPM is now seeking to employ a contractor to notify all those affected by the background check hack, some 21.5 million individuals. For those that have had their background check profiles compromised The Administration is also providing protection services for identity fraud. However this won’t likely be actioned until mid-August. The Department of Defense is working with the OPM to source a contractor.

The contractor who provided these services for the smaller background check breach previously (CSID) to employees numbering 4.2 million has been criticized. There will be competition for the contract from larger fraud protection services. However this contract will need to be scaled up around 5 times from previous. OPM has confirmed that the affected individuals will receive 3 years of identity theft and credit monitoring protection.

The GSA (General Services Administration) has made requests to potential contractors in relation to the scope of the contract. Approximate time lines are included in the contract. After convening the potential contractors were due to respond by Tuesday evening. A contract will not be awarded until August 14th.

The length of coverage has not been put forward as yet. A minimum of 3 years free services has been offered by the OPM. However lifetime protection is being sought by lawmakers to cover citizens affected by the background check breach. CSID along with it’s contract partner, Winvale, have recently been on a PR visit to Washington. The PR campaign is aimed at part to defuse criticism it faced when it handled the first service provision.

A Democrat representing many thousands of federal workers in Virginia wrote to CSID in June. Some workers had endured 3 hour call center hold times and following sign up inaccurate information on accounts. The CSID president and Winvale CEO are putting forward that the initial mishaps as they were unavoidable and many hiccups were actually caused by mismanagement in government.