In keeping with the recent feverish activity on gun control and background check clearance The Obama Administration is mulling plans to ban social security beneficiaries who rely on a fiduciary i.e. claimants who can not manage their finances and/or affairs. Therefore placing social security dependents in the same bracket as drug addicts, felons and illegal immigrants. There are millions without the mental capacity who rely on others to manage their disability payments.

There are already laws in place forbidding certain profiles from gun ownership, that being “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition or disease” therefore those in receipt of benefits may well be swallowed up in the gun ban. The blanket coverage will see those beneficiaries reported to The NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) (NICS).

Ideas currently being considered is to assimilate The Department of Veterans Affairs standards to Social Security beneficiaries in that a background check is mandatory for gun purchases. The number of adults currently in receipt of benefits is around 4.2 million.

The plan to align social security beneficiaries to the background check system does have it’s critics. Among them mental health experts, gun rights lobbies and those in the disabled corner. They claim that extending a background check to an individual who is financially incompetent is misguided. An individual who is financially incompetent is not potentially violent, unsafe or a danger to society by default.

The reports are also well founded in that they are put forward by a Yale psychiatrist, Dr Marc Rosen. Dr Rosen has spent time studying veterans who have mental health issues and how those individuals manage their money. The background check initiative is another step in curbing gun ownership. Especially following the Sandy Hook mass killings in 2012. Is this a step too far and no more than excluding gun ownership to individuals who have difficulty ‘balancing the books’.

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