More U.S. residents had a background check for a gun purchase on Black Friday than any other day on record. As confirmed by FBI data released this week. The FBI system (The National Instant Criminal Background Check System) saw 185,345 checks on November 27. This an approximate increase of 5% from Black Friday 2014 of 175,754. These figures confirmed by FBI chief of Multimedia Stephen Fischer. The previous record background check high was 177,170 received on 21 December 2012 (days after The Sandy Hook massacre). This remains a somewhat depressing statistic against a backdrop of diminishing sales in general elsewhere. Is it that the pleadings of Obama over gun law has almost invariably and inevitably fallen on deaf ears and apathy. From 1998 FBI statistics confirm over 220 million gun purchases.

Tighter control has continually been muted over ‘Weapons of War’ and most recently after the Planned Parenthood murders. Licensed sellers will deny sales in light of a failed background check. These flags include convictions for domestic violence, restraining orders and criminal backgrounds. It remains unlikely that background check numbers have been inflated artificially by gun control laws. The background check process was as a result of the Brady Act of 1993. However activists maintain that checks also be extended to all criminal history records and those with a mental illness. Also to be applied to gun show purchases and private gun transactions. Obama has considered executive action in the light of a defeat by senate. To date, November 30, there has been 351 mass shootings.

The FBI’s background check system was initially launched in 1998. It allows for the clearance of buyers via computer or phone. Currently a Firearm background check is not needed for online transfers of guns. Neither at gun shows or between two individuals. Supporters of gun rights, inclusive members of the NRA (National Rifle Association) have resisted restrictions over the right to bear arms putting forward the Second Amendment of the U.S. constitution.

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