Background check records confirm that requests to the FBI in 2015 averaged out to around 44 per minute. This also set precedents for checks made within one month. The FBI confirmed background check numbers totaled 23,141,970 in 2015. This eclipsed the previous record set in 2013 of just under 21.1 million background check requests. These statistics pre-empt Obama’s expected announcement to expand background check requirements. Checks are carried out by The National Instant Criminal Background Check System. These are conducted for the purchase of guns through licensed federal firearms dealers and gun carry permits. While the background check data would confirm trends each check does not confirm a sale. December saw 3,314,593 background check requests processed. Prior to this the record was December 2012. However this was immediately post Sandy Hook. Recorded data confirms 2,783,765 background checks were carried out.

A review by the NSSF confirms around 62% was for the purchase of firearms. The remainder was made for concealed carry permits. The trade association is anxious to caution that this is an estimate. However the statistics do offer a clearer insight in to the weapons market. The peak was on Black Friday with 185,345 checks. Background checks continued to swell through the festive period in to year end. Monthly records were also set in eight consecutive months from May through December inclusive. That being months on records since 1998 when records began.

New gun regulations had been discussed Monday between Obama, the Attorney General and James Comey (FBI Director). Nothing, as yet, has been detailed. However President Obama has confirmed that any proposed regulations sought to save lives and not to infringe on law abiding gun owners and their rights under the Second Amendment. Over 225 million background checks have been carried out since 1998 when records begun. A small percentage of 1.3 million have been denied ownership. This has been mainly to do with the individual’s criminal records history.