The FBI reports numbers of background check for guns inquiries confirm that the recent spate of murders and tragedies have not dampened the appetite for gun ownership or slowed but have actually reached record numbers in September. Background check for guns queries ran to a staggering 1,795,102 applications in September as confirmed by the FBI’s National Instant Background check system. This represents a 23% increase over the previous record set in September 2012 with the additional checks amounting to 335,739.

When a background check for guns is carried out within a certain month it is deemed a reliable yard stick as to the total gun sales since licensed weapons dealers were required to carry out background checks on gun sales. The records number of gun sales is likely to be higher since under a single background check for guns a dealer can sell multiple firearms to one individual. However figures do not take account of private party sales requiring a background check. September is now the fifth continuous month to set background check for guns records. Since records began this summer has seen the largest amount of firearms sales.

According to The Second Amendment Foundation efforts of Democrats fuelled weapon sales as they attempt to impose new background checks to curb gun ownership. The group’s founder claims that Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric against guns only serves to fuel sales.