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An asset search is an indispensable tool that sheds light on countless scenarios. If you intend to take legal action against a company or individual do they have assets that can be levied and are the assets, in fact, actually owned by the individual or company. Will you realise your claim or no more than incur substantial legal costs. An asset search confirms at an early stage whether the company or individual is worth pursuing and/or whether any due legal process will be a waste of time, effort and resources.

The Availability of business records will also depend on whether the company is publicly or privately owned. Assets will also include the value and to some extent goodwill of business interests, physical property, stock and share holdings, mutual funds and bonds. Is an individual or company deliberately hiding assets and if so why. Are they attempting to extricate themselves from tax liabilities and debt obligations.Also bear in mind that any information may well prove to be very sensitive.

Ownership records (business) will be registered with the State and should confirm where the subject carries on his or her business. It may well be that information surfaces around aditional business interests. Business records also take in SEC documents. These relate to mandatory company disclosures of any company that conducts business with towns or cities and/or qualify for special category ownership (or minority) when tendering for state contracts. The secretary of State’s officesholuld hold this information. Does the business havea website and is there an annual report. This report may well discuss sales, profit and balance sheets to attract investment.

Court records in respect of civil settlements may also be revealing and criminal records may also confirm the value of a business if the subject was incarcerated or fined for unpaid taxes and/or mandatory state employee benefits.

Asset SearchIt can, of course, be extremely challenging to unearth accurate information around an individual’s property and assets. As well as pursuance of debt obligations a search can also be used for divorce, probate, court cases, estates, judgement collection/recovery and liability cases. Is a partner or spouse hiding assets? Are you aware of a pension or insurance policies? Are any of the subject’s immediate family and close friends/work colleagues known to you and have you considered a parallel search for assets possibly held jointly.

Such a search can be conducted seamlessly and at a negligible cost compared to recognised professional fees and tariffs along with the satisfaction of being in complete control. Various ‘professionals’ will put forward that most asset searches can cost between $150 upwards to $400. Searches on individuals can cost as much as $185 per subject. Ask yourself are private investigators and lawyers no more than using the same database available to you? The extensive specialized online database available to you renders an asset search records via public records, court offices and county resident records archaic.

Property records (town’s assessor office) details the value of buildings and land and as to the capacity of the owner such as private or company and whether any interest is held in another property. A deed is more than likely to be found at state level as opposed to town or county offices. Mortgage documents may well also list any charge over collateral by the lender. Further possibly a financial insight as to whether the individual was a good risk along with the purchase price of the property.

Further assets are typically cars, boats and planes. Vehicles are registered to the State and may be searchable however if the individual is fairly prominent, an elected official or a public figure then the search becomes easier as this is often considered to be in the public interest. Planes will be registered with the F.A.A. and boats will be registered with the Coast Guard and State. For further information and relevant detail on asset search services please follow the link.