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A Public Arrest Records search is your guarantee and/or piece of mind insurance. With the proliferation of dating sites and apps forearmed is forewarned. Does any prospective partner have a record and, if so, what’s the nature of any felony or misdemeanor. If you’re already in a relationship have you considered running a search, do you have any concerns? Have you recently moved in to rented accommodation? The landlord would have had undertaken tenant screening but what about the landlord, how much do you know about them. An arrest records search will establish whether there is anything outstanding. Performing a search is simple and straightforward requiring no more than the name and state. If you are unsure of how long the individual has been domiciled within the state select ‘All States’.

You will receive all relevant documents that detail particular cases. All results are extremely comprehensive and not restricted to a number of U.S. States. All arrest records are run through secure servers for your peace of mind and trawls millions of records. Rest assured the subject will not have any knowledge of the search performed. Privacy and confidentiality are cornerstones of our ethos.

As well as partners and other individuals in your life consider other aspects. With the increasing scrutiny over care homes and caregivers who is caring for an elderly relative. Criminal records expungement and ‘ban the box’ are now buzz words and place certain restrictions over employers and state authorities. However the individual is not restricted to run an arrest records search on whoever they wish in the interests of themselves and their loved ones. Read our blog posts below which highlights the failings of authorities and government over background checks.

Are Arrest records and Mugshots free?
Is there any such thing as a free lunch? Anyone can personally request records their local court house or sheriff’s office. Be prepared that the county clerk may well ask for an admin fee, in this respect records are not free and gratis. An FOIA request can also be made by making contact with the FBI. When consumers consider how to find/access arrest records consideration needs to be given to the fact that these records are sensitive. The typical cost is $25 compounded by the time and resources you give up to access public records. The most convenient option is to perform a search in the above search fields which will return a public criminal record check in minutes and from the comfort of your own home. Our site offers a Public records search aggregated fro mall 50 States. Even if a subject has arrest records in California and Florida both will be available in one place herewith. 

Arrest records help peel back the layers of an individual in our transient society. Being in control allows you to make informed and educated decisions. Arrest records are available from State attorney general’s offices but are typically a tedious process and requiring you to submitSearch public arrest records requests via mail. More often than not the paper trail of Court records and Attorney General’s offices can be at best dysfunctional and unreliable as highlighted by this recent report. Perform a public arrest records search in a matter of seconds within the above search fields. Our database is used by professionals (law professionals, genealogists) and public alike. Asides from arrest records our members search on a continuous basis. Whether it be the addictive nature of searches or piecing together family trees, gathering of legal information, debtors, asset search services and/or background check searches, all options are herewith.
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