County court records in Orange County are being trawled over. There is suspicion over the falsifying of court records in relation to traffic violations and DUI cases i.e. someone was paid. County prosecutors and the FBI are investigating cases as far back as 2006. Approximately six hundred cases are returning to court The Orange County Register reported.

The register reported that various employees had faked sentences by way of reducing terms and DUI records were also manipulated. In one case court records were so affected that the defendant in question had apparently seen time in jail. No comments have been made along with no arrests. The judge reversed around a dozen cases. Options for defendants were either to negotiate with the prosecutor or judge or to hire a private attorney.

Last week around one hundred and ten attorneys and previous defendants had to attend court in order to convince the judge that the flawed court records were not of their making. One attorney put forward there was a court clerk who had been receiving cash to either embellish court records or to simply make them vanish.

One ex defendant drove from Arizona as his charges were dismissed back in 2012. He agreed to a fine and guilty to a misdemeanor charge. Defendants were further questioned by the FBI after leaving the court room. A female was also arrested on a DUI charge that she had confirmed she served a 3 month term in a private jail.

The private jail confirmed the defendant was never in custody at any time, documents appeared to be forged. Further the supposed attorney at the time stated to the register at no time did she represent the defendant. This story was also confirmed by numerous other lawyers. Another attorney met, for the first time, the defendant she was supposed to have represented.

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