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Elder Abuse Hotline Unable to Cope with Concerned Callers

Admin May 28, 2019
Elder Abuse

Missouri’s elder abuse hotline has numerous concerned callers but the department has only been able to answer half the  calls. The hotline also serves residents with disabilities (18-59) and those 60 years and over, reports on neglect, abuse and exploitation documented. Last year saw over 17,000 calls lost following a recorded message while a further 10,000 calls dropped and/or hung…

Forged Death Records Uncovered in Closed Funeral Home Case

Admin May 2, 2019
Death Records

Over the past 5 years Shaun A Reid has found himself embroiled in forged death records, reprimands, investigations. Together with fines culminating in the closure of his business/es. Reid has traded under Shaun A Reid Funeral Services & Memorial Chapel (Washington) and Reid Funeral Home (Dumfries, Virginia) and owes $24,000 after he was discovered to be operating without proper credentials…