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Probate Judge Grants Legal Rights to Aborted Embryo

Admin March 14, 2019

The decision of a probate judge in Alabama has opened the door for the potential father to litigate (wrongful death) against the abortion clinic. The expectant father wanted the child but could do nothing to change his partner’s mind. In early February a lawsuit was filed against the abortion clinic (Alabama Women’s Center) together with the manufacturer of the abortion…

New Police Records Laws SB1421 Compliance Requires more Resources

Admin March 5, 2019
Police Records

For months now Cities state wide have been bracing themselves as new police records laws are rolled out. That being SB 1421 and AB748 and the associated costs and man hours in fulfilment and compliance. These changes bring to an end decades of secrecy and non disclosure in respect of personnel police files. The new laws mandate that agencies make…