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Nics Gun Check Failings, Lapses, Missing Records and Fixes

Admin February 28, 2018
Background Check

The Nics gun check system primarily functions to keep firearms away from individuals deemed dangerous. However it’s parameters are well defined and can not legislate for ifs, buts and early warning signs. Along with the South Florida shooter’s distorted online presence, racist ramblings and perverse bravado he still passed a Nics gun check to secure his semi automatic rifle within…

California Arrest Records for Marijuana Wiped

Admin February 11, 2018
Arrest Records

California arrest records have been wiped for those residents with previous convictions for marijuana. This follows an initiative back in 2016 whereby voters had backed to de-criminalise the use of marijuana (recreational use). Thousands could now have their pot convictions wiped (misdemeanor) automatically while thousands more could see their felony charges re-categorized. The district attorney for San Francisco announced the…

Phone Records Surveillance re Authorised Under FISA Section 702

Admin February 3, 2018
Phone Records

Phone records surveillance, emails and communications to be re authorised under FISA Section 702. This decided (without warrant) in order to collect detail on foreigners. The House of Representatives voted to extend and expand Section 702. It became apparent in 2013 of millions of electronic communications and phone records legally collected by the National Security Agency . Asides from phone records…