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Juvenile Criminal Records Expungement Call to Arms

Admin July 25, 2016
Criminal Records

The State House has been a platform for Teens Leading The Way initiative on Juvenile criminal records expungement. A part victory was welcomed last week by activist groups. Efforts to free individuals stigmatized by their mis-spent youth and indiscretions seem to be bearing fruit. Gathering at The State House asides from Teens Leading The Way were UTEC and Roca. They…

FBI Background Checks for Lyft-Uber Could Re-Surface

Admin July 24, 2016
Background Check

FBI background checks (Uber/Lyft) may well see support within legislative session. The resentment over the disparity is clearly evident in most taxi ranks. Anti-Uber stickers grace many taxi cabs. The fallout and battle scars from the taxi industry’s rivalry are all too apparent. The logo of the company is within a red circle complete with diagonal strike through. It has…

Criminal History Records Initiative may See Racial Disparity

Admin July 21, 2016
Criminal Records

A recent study by The University of Michigan confirms that the “Ban the Box” reform over criminal history records may lead to racial disparity by employers. The initiative makes the removal of criminal history records from initial applications easier for former inmates to achieve an initial interview. However the campaign does not stop potential employers from conducting a background check…

Property Ownership Records First For Bitcoin

Admin July 15, 2016
Property Records

Property ownership records have taken a giant leap forward. Ubitquity has registered the inaugural transfer on Bitcoin’s de-centralised public register. The purchase was recorded to the Bitcoin block chain using protocol (Colu Coloured Coins). The local municipality were also part of the process having the property committed to their property ownership records. A digital asset was also created and secured…

Criminal Background Screen Sees Action by EEOC

Admin July 12, 2016
Background Check

The EEOC may well take legal action over a Pennsylvania company and it’s criminal background screen process.  The potential action alleges record keeping obligations. The records to confirm it’s criminal background screen complies with Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Further to determine that it’s background check screening process does not discriminate against males and ethnic minority applicants….

Federal Background Check System loses Some 7000 Domestic Abusers

Admin July 10, 2016
Background Check

In the last decade flaws within the Federal Background Check System have been highlighted as per recent report confirms. The report by the Government Accountability Office confirms thousands of domestic abusers have slipped through the net. That being the gun ownership net via licensed dealers. Over a ten year period from 2006 through 2015 the Federal Background Check System denied…