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Police Misconduct Records Hidden Confirms Public Defender

Admin June 30, 2016
Police Records

PITTSBURG – Three criminal cases have been thrown in to turmoil due to police misconduct records being hidden. New trials have been requested along with dismissal of convictions. Responsible for secreting the police misconduct records was The Pittsburg Police Dept. Allegations that the records were intentionally withheld come from the Contra Costa Public Defender’s Office. Police now acknowledge documents should…

Court Records Confirm Police Made Millions from Speeding Tickets

Admin June 29, 2016
Court Records

FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. Recent Court records highlight concerns over millions in revenue generated since 2010. The Prosecutor (Faulkner County) has requested state police investigate allegations of a somewhat lucrative speed trap. The town in question lies between Faulkner through Van Buren Counties. KARK (Working 4 You) has received numerous complaints and grievances from viewers. Authority to rob has been likened…

Background Check Lawsuit Uber Pays $7.5M

Admin June 19, 2016
Background Check

Uber has agreed to settle a $7.5 million background check lawsuit brought by it’s drivers. The settlement played out in a San Francisco court room. Lawyers are in the process of a formal settlement draft to be approved by a Federal Court judge. Uber, while no stranger to litigation and lawsuits, appears averse to contesting and more to settling outside…