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Online People Search Engines Mull Supreme Court Ruling

Admin May 17, 2016
People Search

On Monday the Supreme Court sided positively with an online people search engine. The decision, for now, has protected these data providers from the ubiquitous and onerous law suits over small errors. A 6-2 ruling has set aside, for the time being, a class action. Is profile. This arises from an individual suing an online people search engine who generated…

Gun Background Check Failure to Alert Authorities

Admin May 15, 2016
Background Check

New legislation will tighten the net around those who fail a gun background check in Michigan. If an individual fails a gun background check (Gun purchase License) then prosecutors and police should be alerted. Introduced last Wednesday it calls for those Michigan Licensing Agencies to take action. The new legislation would alert attorneys and local law enforcement and also at…

College Criminal Record Admission Questions Should be Restricted

Admin May 11, 2016
Criminal Records

The College criminal record questions should be restricted as it may well place barriers to higher education. John B. King Jr (U.S. Secretary of Education) will be promoting the proposal at UCLA The proposal to bring to an end the current admissions process format. Enquiries around the college criminal record process is seen as a deterrent to the completion of applications….

Disgraced Probate Clerk Sues for Reinstatement of Pension

Admin May 6, 2016

SAVANNAH: Disgraced ex probate clerk sues for reinstatement of pension. An ex probate clerk with Chatham County is suing to have her pension reinstated. This story about the theft was originally ran back in August 2015 – Ex Probate Clerk admits $232,000 theft. The total theft detailed by government though ran to around $750,000 this was inclusive individual losses. The…