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Criminal Records Reform Offers Children Hope as Well as Adults

Admin April 29, 2016
Criminal Records

TRENTON — In a society of obscure sentencing and a propensity to incarcerate criminal records reform remains high on the agenda. In New Jersey the sad statistic is that over 65,000 children have felt the loss of a parent due to incarceration. Compounding the likelihood of poverty and truancy. This asides from the emotional stress and trauma. This trend highlighted…

Background Check Net Cast over Locksmiths

Admin April 22, 2016
Background Check

Last Thursday saw a bill filed seeking to bar criminals and sex offenders from the locksmith industry. The bill before the House of Representatives seeks to regulate the industry more tightly. It was proposed that all should operate with a license. Also for all locksmiths to undergo a background check. The license to practice available from the Department of Labor,…

Probate Court Guardianship Enslaving the Vulnerable

Admin April 11, 2016

A probate court order of emergency temporary guardianship may well fall under modern day slavery. A recent article centers around a 46 year old female who fell ill. Thereafter she was admitted to hospital in Jacksonville (FL). This was the last she would see of her rented beach side condo. Alarmingly this was more than four years ago. Instead she…

Ban the Box Campaign Sees Students Take Fight to Colleges

Admin April 9, 2016
Background Check

A common application form for college has now been in use for as number of years. More than 600 schools accept this standard format. Seen as a seamless admissions process towards the opportunity of multiple places. However the application form now seems to be at odds with the ban the box campaign. College applicants across the U.S. have been asked…

DWI Review Sees over 100 Cases Dismissed after Deputy Lied

Admin April 2, 2016
DUI Records

Wake County: A DWI review has seen in excess of 100 DWI cases dismissed. The cases have been dismissed due to a sheriff’s deputy lying on the witness stand. The deputy in question has now been disqualified. The deputy belonged to the DWI Task Force (witness). The DWI review raised questions of integrity over some cases. As the deputy had…