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Birth Records Confirm Premature Newborn Links to Air Pollution

Admin March 31, 2016
Birth Records

Analysts have studied birth records and air quality data around premature births within the U.S. Premature new born attributed to air pollution costs over $4 billion annually. These costs represent the loss of economic opportunity and medical care. There are approximately 16,000 babies born prematurely yearly in part due to air pollution. Birth records also confirmed that loss of productivity…

Court Records Search Blighted by Revamp

Admin March 25, 2016
Court Records

San Bernardino County: Access by the public has dwindled significantly of late re: court records search. February 11th saw the open access court records search site (San Bernardino Superior Court) go offline. These court records also take in Victorville. The loss was due to a new system being implemented. The new system will cost in excess of $4 million over…

HANO Criminal Background Check Initiative not Mandatory

Admin March 23, 2016
Background Check

The public has had an opportunity to digest and comment on amendments to the HANO criminal background check procedure. New directives would ensure those convicted of a serious crime would have their voice heard. Serious crime takes in kidnapping, armed robbery and murder. A 3 member panel would review their cases to reside in public housing or be in receipt…

Expunged Criminal Records Backlog of 23,000

Admin March 21, 2016
Criminal Records

Leaders in Chattanooga are easing the passage to employment with the ban the box initiative. However the police department is apparently some way behind. Reportedly the number of expunged criminal records backlog stands at around 23,000. The police department are more than aware of the problem and are working through the expunged criminal records. The problems have been blamed on…

Criminal Records Database Used for Personal Gain by Police

Admin March 19, 2016
Criminal Records

An independent monitor has concluded that Denver police misused criminal records databases. The crime databases were both state and federal. Searches were performed that were not related to law enforcement and/or in the line of duty. Criminal records database was abused for the benefit of friends and for romance. Punishment, surprisingly, was a written reprimand and no criminal charges were…

Access to Sealed Records Unrestricted NYPD

Admin March 18, 2016
Criminal Records

A recent revelation confirms NYPD has unrestricted access to sealed records. Reportedly for a number of reasons including the apprehension of suspects and investigation. This access to sealed records confirmed in a recent email by the city attorney. The access to sealed records is also used for the licensing of hand guns. Another attorney has claimed the disclosure as alarming….