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DUI Test | Criminalizing Refusal Ruled Unconstitutional

Admin February 29, 2016
DUI Records

Kansas: Supreme Court confirms drivers can’t be prosecuted for a DUI test without a warrant Further to a 6-1 ruling it was found by the court that the DUI test was no more than a search. Defense attorneys have put forward that the DUI refusal law has been somewhat malleable. Drivers often induced in to a guilty plea to avoid…

Background Check Process Defended by Uber

Admin February 25, 2016
Background Check

It seems that there’s not a week that crawls past that we don’t hear about ride hailing services. Typically over drivers and background check shortcomings, whether it be Lyft or Uber. However Uber does seem to have more than it’s fair share of negative press. Now compounded by the recent shootings in Kalamazoo. The company confirm that the shooter did…

No Background Check Required | Facebook bans Private Gun Sales

Admin February 2, 2016
Background Check

A shift in policy change by Facebook will bring about the ban of private gun sales on Facebook. Private gun sales often seen as a means to circumnavigate the background check policy. This also does away with the nauseous terminology of ‘No Background Check Required’. However the new direction will not affect licensed retailers. The new policy will also apply…