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Background Check IT Under Pentagon After OPM Hack

Admin January 26, 2016
Background Check

A new agency is to be set up by government for background check processing on contractors and employees. This follows a substantial breach of government files exposing millions of individuals personal data last year. A National Background Investigations Bureau will be adopted and will replace the OPM. The FIS provides investigative services and products to more than 100 Federal agencies….

Long Term Care Background Check Program Slow out of the Blocks

Admin January 21, 2016
Background Check

The long term care background check program has to date disqualified 3% of those who had applied. This was an initiative by federal government which provided grants to states. However the implementation of the long term care background check program has been slow to gather speed. This according to a governmental report. Those states that were in receipt of grants…

Background Check Records Broken in 2015

Admin January 20, 2016
Background Check

Background check records confirm that requests to the FBI in 2015 averaged out to around 44 per minute. This also set precedents for checks made within one month. The FBI confirmed background check numbers totaled 23,141,970 in 2015. This eclipsed the previous record set in 2013 of just under 21.1 million background check requests. These statistics pre-empt Obama’s expected announcement…

Criminal Records Bar to Elderly Care Employment Unconstitutional

Admin January 8, 2016
Criminal Records

A ruling Wednesday by a Commonwealth Court has given fresh incentive to those wishing to work in the care industry. Ruling that it is unconstitutional to bar those with criminal records who seek employment with the elderly. The lifelong prohibition is deemed as to broad and those with criminal records have no leverage or means to appeal. The conclusion was…

Court Records Confirm Pharmacies Declined Death Penalty Drugs

Admin January 7, 2016
Court Records

Court records confirm that at the time Alabama was trying to source drugs for lethal injection officials were declined by all pharmacies they made contact with. State officials had asked all licensed pharmacist (compounding ) within Alabama to fulfill orders for pentobarbital. At one time the primary drug for lethal injections. Court records also confirm attempts to purchase from 4…

Minnesota DWI Urine Test Unconstitutional

Admin January 6, 2016
DUI Records

On Monday The Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld that drivers who refuse to yield to a DWI urine test (without warrant) can not be prosecuted. A conviction of a motorist in Steele County was deemed as affecting fundamental rights to be free of unconstitutional searches. The stop that led to the DWI urine test was at closing time in April…