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Background Check Should be Run on All APS Employees

Admin December 29, 2015
Background Check

When a parent sends their child off to school it’s taken for granted they are entering a safe environment. That a background check has been carried out on assistants, teachers, custodians and office staff. Mindful that employees, since 1999, should have had a background check. These checks have been required of all Albuquerque Public Schools employees. However how the criteria…

Social Media Background Check for Visa Applicants

Admin December 22, 2015
Background Check

Around twenty democrats are calling for a social media background check to be included within visa applications. Should foreign immigrants be subjected to a social media background check to determine potential terrorist links. The democrats wrote to the DoHS on Tuesday demanding more stringent background check policy for visa applicants. Further requests were made over the current background check screening…

Court Records Service Overhauled in Light of Embezzlement

Admin December 14, 2015
Court Records

There has been sweeping changes in the court records service this year in Southold. Measures have been put in place to avoid <rel=”attachment wp-att-1200″=””>a repeat of the misappropriation of fines, bail money and cash totaling $231,000. The theft resulted in a conviction of a long standing court employee. A new role (Justice Court Director) has been created and the post…

Chicago Police Records can’t be Destroyed without Media Notification

Admin December 8, 2015
Police Records

The local records commission of Cook County is being called upon by The Better Government Association to take on a transparent policy. This in order to protect Chicago police records (misconduct) from destruction. The police records of misconduct stretch back to 1967. There is uncertainty over the police records as numerous police unions have taken action against the City of…

Background Check Records Broken on Black Friday for Guns

Admin December 4, 2015
Background Check

More U.S. residents had a background check for a gun purchase on Black Friday than any other day on record. As confirmed by FBI data released this week. The FBI system (The National Instant Criminal Background Check System) saw 185,345 checks on November 27. This an approximate increase of 5% from Black Friday 2014 of 175,754. These figures confirmed by…