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Probate Lawyer Suspended for Neglect of Estate

Admin November 30, 2015

Illinois: A probate lawyer from River Forest has been barred for a year and/or until further notice. The suspension of the probate lawyer (Albert S. George) was ordered by the Illinois Supreme Court. As confirmed by the Illinois ARDC pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 762(b). George acted as both executor and attorney and neglected the probate estate he was entrusted…

Vermont Public Court Records Redaction Overturned by Vermont Supreme Court

Admin November 27, 2015
Court Records

Confirming access to court records by the public is a deep seated right and which ensures accountability. A previous ruling by a Windham County Judge to redact certain parts of court records has been overturned. The redaction refers to reports over mental competency of 2 suspects in Vermont public court records. While there remain legal instances where sections of a…

EEOC Retains Background Check Statistics Used for Lawsuit

Admin November 23, 2015
Background Check

Dollar General has received a set back in their attempt to obtain background check statistical analysis from the EEOC lawsuit. The objection brought by Dollar General was denied by an Illinois federal judge. The EEOC claims the Dollar General background check policy had restricted African Americans finding employment with Dollar General. The objection was denied on November 17 and was…

Police Department Seeks Changes to Background Check

Admin November 20, 2015
Background Check

The Police Department in Eugene, Oregon wants sweeping changes to it’s background check criteria. This follows a lawsuit brought by 6 officers for $1.75 million against a former officer (Jeffrey Argo) and the city. While the department has not addressed the Argo case specifically they have intimated they would like a polygraph test factored in to it’s background check process….

Phone Records Encryption | Renewed Privacy v Security Debate

Admin November 19, 2015
Phone Records

Intelligence officials both former and current have cited the terrorist attacks in Paris to put forward new and robust surveillance powers. Inclusive the initiative to circumvent encryption that protects phone records and electronic communications. The move is likely to re-open the highly charged debate around privacy v security. While an open public debate over the cell phone records encryption in…

How do you Conduct a Background Check on a Refugee

Admin November 18, 2015
Background Check

The recent atrocities in Paris highlight the issues over whether the masses have been infiltrated and, if so, how many numbers and how proportionately. With the relatively free passage around Europe and across borders this issue does not sit comfortably with all developed countries promoting liberty and freedom of passage. The big question is how do you background check a…