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Background Check Companies Fined $13 Million by Regulators

Admin October 31, 2015
Background Check

Prior to the offer of a job to a potential employee companies will invariably carry out screening using background check companies. However as per credit reports, inaccuracies and errors affect people’s lives such as eligibility and opportunity for employment. Mindful of this 2 of the largest background check companies have been fined $13 million by federal regulators. They have also…

Uber Background Check Failures had Licenses Issued in Austin

Admin October 29, 2015
Background Check

Uber confirm that following an internal audit 53 drivers that failed an Uber background check had been already issued with a chauffeur’s license in Austin. A memo originating from Uber’s general manager in Austin confirms that from 163 drivers in Austin who applied 53 failed the background check and were barred from partnering. Of the 53 applicants 19 were refused…

Background Check and Fitness Policy Foiling Police Recruitment

Admin October 28, 2015
Background Check

Law enforcement agencies along with correctional facilities in Oregon are finding it increasingly difficult to find and recruit new officers. Numerous potential applicant are failing a background check compounded by failure of fitness tests and psychological assessment. The potential shortfall in law enforcement is not helped by impending retirement of the current ‘baby boomers’ workforce. A labor gap is currently…

Fight to Keep Criminal Records Check Box on Rental Apps

Admin October 25, 2015
Criminal Records

IOWA: A criminal records check box allows a landlord and/or property owner to have a handle on a tenant’s record immediately. An owner of a property refers the right to carry out a criminal records check on a potential renter. However the Human Rights Commission in Waterloo is typical of other activists and campaigners throughout the States currently in wishing…

Police Records | 7000 Disappear in Off-the-Books Warehouse

Admin October 22, 2015
Police Records

Police records confirm Chicago Police have “disappeared” over 7,000 people in an interrogation warehouse. This figure is almost double the number of detentions previously put forward. Between August of 2004 and June 2015 almost 6,000 detained in the off-the-books interrogation warehouse were black which proportionately was over twice the city’s population. Only 68 detained were granted access to lawyers and/or…

People Search Sites DNA Databases Used by Law Enforcement

Admin October 20, 2015
People Search

When popular people search sites invited donors to send them their DNA for medical diagnostics and in order to trace family trees and geneology privacy advocates foretold the dangers of subscribing to a genetic database that may well, in the future, be used against those donors by police and law enforcement. DNA has indelible information around you and your family….