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Police Records Confirm Routine Spying by Law Enforcement

Admin September 29, 2015
Police Records

Chicago: Police records obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times confirm The Chicago Police Department routinely spied, within the last 6 years, on activists and associated groups. The spying activities extended to anarchists, anti Olympics protesters, union members, the Occupy movement, Chinese government critics and those demonstrating against NATO. Police records also confirm that this has continued unabated. The Chicago Police Dept…

Employee Criminal Background Checks now Restricted in NYC

Admin September 27, 2015
Background Check

NYC: New legislation now limits the ability of employers to carry out criminal background checks (The Fair Chance Act) on potential employees and applicants, this legislation kicks in October 27. The act is applicable to all employers comprising 4 or more persons and has amended the NYC Human Rights Law which prohibits employers access to applicant’s criminal history until such…

Redacted Ohio Birth Records to be Re-issued

Admin September 24, 2015
Birth Records

The Department of Health in Ohio has responded to accusations that it violated the state’s new laws on adoption records. Birth records (certificates) will now be re-issued to around 3 dozen adoptees. These individuals having information redacted that was seen as excessive. Adoptees numbering 400,000 had their birth records unsealed and who had their adoptions finalized from 1964 through 1996….

Suspect DUI Checkpoint Fuels Citations

Admin September 23, 2015
DUI Records

Berwyn Law enforcement officers have raised eyebrows as a result of their actions last Summer and the swollen numbers of citations. Allegations that a DUI checkpoint had been used to stop vehicles without adhering to federal guidelines. A sworn testimony from a member of Berwyn law enforcement points towards officials applying pressure to meet ticket quotas. The DUI checkpoint on…

Government Records Access more Difficult after Court Decision

Admin September 22, 2015
Death Records

This week Virginia Supreme Court protected various materials and execution manuals from public access. This decision has wider implications in respect of public access to a host of government records not related to the death penalty in Virginia. With The decision in many instances local and state officials do not have to comply or release any government records or death…

Death Records Confirm Racism Bad for Health

Admin September 20, 2015
Death Records

A recent study of death records suggests both whites and blacks may improve their mortality should they be more tolerant as opposed to being racially prejudiced. Data from racial attitudes between 1993 through 2002 was examined by researchers. The survey data responses were linked with death records to 2008. This to determine effects of prejudice over mortality. The data spanned…