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Call Center Charity Workers with Criminal Records

Admin August 30, 2015
Criminal Records

Safety publications Inc engaged call center workers with criminal records on minimum wage to plead with ordinary Americans for donations. Money to equip law enforcement with bullet proof vests, veterans and sick children. Donations poured in to to the for profit telemarketing company. From 2008 through to 2014 $4.9 million was raised as confirmed to Illinois authorities. However what percentage…

Maine Action Group Seeks Gun Background Check Petition

Admin August 28, 2015
Background Check

AUGUSTA-The first steps have been taken by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, a Maine group, who hope that every gun sale will require a background check. The petition has been launched towards a state wide ballot in 2016. Monday’s news release confirming the application for the collection of signatures. At the moment in Maine domestic abusers, felons and the…

DUI Charges in Jeopardy over False Testimony

Admin August 26, 2015
DUI Records

A Metro officer based in Louisville provided a false testimony in a DUI case confirmed by a judge’s recent order. This potentially jeopardizes dozens of pending DUI charges. In a ruling on 31st July a Jefferson judge stated that the false testimony given by Officer Eberenz is extremely troublesome. She also ruled that the stop wasn’t proper effectively dismissing the…

Criminal Background Checks See Court Action by Union

Admin August 24, 2015
Background Check

Pennsylvania: The fourteen state universities in Pennsylvania (incl. Millersville University) are initiating criminal background checks to all professors. However the majority don’t teach minors, states the faculty union, so are exempt from criminal background checks as per the states child protection laws. The Faculties Union has now made advances towards Commonwealth Court for and on behalf of it’s 6000 members….

Around 60 DUI Cases Under Review as Officer Quits

Admin August 23, 2015
DUI Records

VIRGINIA: The number of DUI cases that are being dropped is rising following an officer quitting. On August 11th charges against ten drivers were dropped. The date prosecutors discovered that Christopher Skinner had resigned from the police. Since then, further DUI cases have now been dropped, another 40 DUI cases are being reviewed in order to decide a way forward…

Ex Probate Judge Admits to Additional Crimes

Admin August 21, 2015

Mark Belinky, convicted ex probate court judge, admitted to further crimes according to recent unsealed affidavits. Belinky admitted thefts of money, while a guardian, from individuals. Belinky further admitted tampering with probate documents to further facilitate theft. Bellinky also used a probate computer in Mahoning County to manufacture false probate records. Information is from affidavits of a special agent working…