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Background Check System Failings Ignored by OPM

Admin July 12, 2015
Background Check

It is now understood that The OPM (Office of Personnel Management) was aware of security failings within it’s online background check system since 2012. That being approximately 3 years prior to the OPM shutting down the background check system to put things right and address the security breaches. On Wednesday a House Sub Committee was advised by The Assistant Inspector…

Marijuana Criminal Records Expungement in Ohio Advances

Admin July 9, 2015
Criminal Records

COLUMBUS: The criminal records in relation to previous Marijuana convictions may well be expunged following a written petition from 24th June from ‘Responsible Ohio’. The Attorney (Ohio) General’s Office has certified this petition (one thousand valid signatures) along with the votes of registered Ohio residents. The Fresh Act is now an initiated statute with an objective towards expungement of criminal…

States Slow on National Criminal Background Check System

Admin July 7, 2015
Criminal Records

Wyoming is among a handful of states that fails to submit mental health records, routinely, to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Should it be down to the owners of gun stores to make a snap decision on a gut feeling. Further to refuse sales if it doesn’t feel right. A criminal background check, from the FBI system, will…

Sex Offenders Living Near Detroit Schools

Admin July 6, 2015
Sex Offenders

Detroit suffers over 3,000 sex offenders, these registered offenders live in neighborhoods with close proximity to Detroit schools and who harass minors and children. One offender (living near Brenda Scott Academy (East Side)) was reported to continually approach students while they were passing. The volunteer Patrol (MAN Network) founder Bishop Tony Russell, has huge concerns. When the sex offender was…

DUI Patrols Stepped up with Stronger Penalties

Admin July 3, 2015
DUI Records

Celebrations across Connecticut for July 4th may well be tempered by a tough DUI law which took effect in the week. For people who have to relinquish their license for DUI will require an IID (ignition interlock device) installed to recover their license irrespective if it’s a first offense. Previously Connecticut law enforcement had imposed an IID which was not…

Federal Background Check Suspension may Affect Contractors

Admin July 2, 2015
Background Check

Concerns have been raised over a Federal web based background check system that is offline as a result of a security flaw. Companies who rely on hundreds of government contractors need to meet agency agreements, these concerns have been voiced by an industry group. In a letter dated July 1st for the benefit of federal officials, the PSC (Professional Services…