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Fired over Expunged Background Check Record

Admin July 22, 2015
Background Check

PHILADELPHIA: A nurse has claimed in court that she was fired by a national medical services provider (Prisons) due to a background check flagging up an expunged record some 30 years ago. She only briefly faced these charges as a juvenile. The plaintiff has filed on July 8th in Philadelphia (Common Please). Corizon were recommended to dismiss the female due…

Background Check to be Aligned to Social Security

Admin July 21, 2015
Background Check

In keeping with the recent feverish activity on gun control and background check clearance The Obama Administration is mulling plans to ban social security beneficiaries who rely on a fiduciary i.e. claimants who can not manage their finances and/or affairs. Therefore placing social security dependents in the same bracket as drug addicts, felons and illegal immigrants. There are millions without…

Probate Confirms High Cost Connecticut

Admin July 20, 2015

Probate confirms that those who have amassed fortunes and wealth in the state of Connecticut will be due some less than exciting news. Connecticut has now become the most costly state to die within the United States. Hefty revised fess have driven the changes in respect of estate settlement officials confirm. Probate officials also warn some invoices could see $100k…

Background Checks a Ticking Time Bomb for Employers

Admin July 17, 2015
Background Check

Are background checks now becoming a ticking time bomb for employers with increasing criteria and red tape. An individual or potential employee may or may not have skeletons and/or financial issues, criminal charges and so on. However the certainty remains that background checks should be fair and appropriate to all and follow legislation and current practice guidelines. Background checks, in…

Death Records Confirm Climate Change Dangers

Admin July 15, 2015
Death Records

Death records have recently thrown up interesting yet alarming findings in to wild temperature swings that climate change has brought about. As the earth warms so it becomes more a public risk every day. The elderly are very much at risk with Summer heat waves yet will the more benign winters balance out the statistics. A recent study has indicated…

Criminal Records Expungement Workshop

Admin July 13, 2015
Criminal Records

Over 20,000 individuals are imprisoned within South Carolina. While the majority are expected to be free at some point, they will not be free of their criminal records. However having paid for their crimes there are now options to make good their history. Past misdemeanors can blight an individuals life as they try to turn themselves around and integrate back…