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Criminal Records Lawsuit over Dismissals by BMW Latest

Admin July 31, 2015
Criminal Records

Attorneys acting for BMW have requested that a two year old lawsuit in relation to civil rights be dismissed. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission puts forward that the dismissals of 100 employees contracted at the manufacturing plant following criminal records screening caused a “disparate effect” on black employees (58 in total). Further to a hearing on Monday and a filing…

Probate Reform Pledged after Victim Talks

Admin July 30, 2015

COLORADO: Families who have seen their estates wiped or diminished by court fiduciaries are the catalyst for greater probate protection. Legislation is planned for the coming year. Arvada Republican Laura Woods has collected statements on Wednesday from numerous individuals attending a probate reform hearing. Families put forward their personal stories while Pat Steadman (Senate Democrat) took notes. There were more…

Phone Records to be Purged by NSA

Admin July 29, 2015
Phone Records

The NSA is to purge all phone records data which had been collected within the now expiring program of bulk surveillance. This was confirmed on Monday and will commence, pending litigation, early next year. National Intelligence confirms phone records from the previous 5 years will be destroyed under Section 215. Analytic access to phone records ends November 29th and destroyed…

Background Check Victims to be Notified

Admin July 28, 2015
Background Check

The OPM is now seeking to employ a contractor to notify all those affected by the background check hack, some 21.5 million individuals. For those that have had their background check profiles compromised The Administration is also providing protection services for identity fraud. However this won’t likely be actioned until mid-August. The Department of Defense is working with the OPM…

New Policies on Criminal Records to Reduce Deportations

Admin July 27, 2015
Criminal Records

The deporting of undocumented immigrants without criminal records of a serious nature may well be reduced significantly. A recent report confirms the changes from new immigration policies by the Obama administration in November. The study is by the (MPI) Migration Policy Institute based in Washington and a highly respected research institution on immigration. The MPI report that the new policies…

Phone Records Requested by Accused Officer

Admin July 26, 2015
Phone Records

Phone records have been subpoenaed between an officer (accused of attempting to interfere with a ticket) and the arresting State Trooper. The accused officer from Rockaway Township is currently suspended. The phone records relate to calls between the accused and the state trooper who arrested the accused officer’s cousin. The phone records are considered and claimed to be central to…