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Sex Offenders, the Static-99 Form and Re-offending

Admin June 29, 2015
Sex Offenders

While it remains impossible to determine exactly whether a sex offender will re offend statistically there are underlying factors that point to the sex offenders risk profile in relation to re offending (or recidivism). North Carolina State uses a form (static-99) to assist in trying to determine the risk profile of a male sex offender. This is a form that…

Alabama Probate Judges may Not Conduct Marriage Ceremonies

Admin June 26, 2015

MONTGOMERY: Probate judges in North Alabama have stated that should the Supreme court legalize gay marriages there will need to be a review period. After this they will take the relevant action. There are a number of courses of action open to the High Court. The options are that the state has a right to decide and unilaterally all states…

Court Records in Clarksville Town Court Hacked

Admin June 25, 2015
Court Records

CLARKSVILLE:Clarksville court records have been hacked and classified records have been breached. The town court judge for Clarksville advised the court records that were hacked may have possibly included birth dates, addresses, social security numbers and names. The total number of court records hacked is around two thousand. Those cases affected are back to 2005 or prior. The Indiana Supreme…

Background Checks Expanded for Skills Camps

Admin June 23, 2015
Background Check

NEW HAMPSHIRE: As the season for Summer camps is almost upon us revised state rules impose certain criteria for background checks. These new rules take in volunteer and paid workers. To those below the age of eighteen at both skills and traditional camps alternative criteria applies. Under 18’s require two reference letters in respect of fitness and propriety for work…

Arrest Records to be Linked within Ohio Courts Network

Admin June 22, 2015
Arrest Records

OHIO: Those individuals appearing before County judges in Ohio will have their arrest records made available from other jurisdictions. New rules coming in to force requires every court state wide to engage with a single database which will be case related. This will be known as the OCN (Ohio Court Network). The OCN is looking to be fully functional by…

Ohio Probate Judges to Authorize Search Warrants

Admin June 20, 2015

OHIO: As a measure aimed to clarify law legislation has been introduced to enable probate judges to authorize search warrants. This follows a ruling by Ohio Supreme Court that a probate judge (Stark County) shouldn’t have authorized a search warrant that brought about illegal gambling charges on an Alliance business. The bill aims to address a misnomer in state law….