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About Probate Research

Probate research is primarily involved with uncovering heirs and confirming their inheritance rights. Some estates may well have no known heirs. There may well be heirs whose contact information is not known but names are. There also, of course, may well be two sides to the families and one side may be unknown to the other.

In all of the above professional probate research will assist in tracing next-of-kin. Probate researchers can also be referred to as forensic genealogists and heir hunters. From country to country Intestacy laws will vary enormously and in the USA intestacy laws also differ from state to state. Therefore those professionals within probate research must have an in depth knowledge of laws that entitle family members to inheritance. Specialized investigative and genealogical techniques are also used to research public databases and records to identify any extended family members of the deceased.

Probate research often starts with no more than a date of birth and a name, in some instances searching for relatives as removed as second cousins. In a high percentage of cases beneficiaries identified may well have little if no knowledge of the individual they are inheriting from. There are numerous background check processes that are employed, probate research also utilizes a criminal records check, background check and death records


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Criminal RecordsCriminal Records

Our criminal record database is second to none!Criminal Records reports include:

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Background CheckBackground Check

Our Background Investigation Services can help you uncover information people do not want you to know.Reports Include:

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Whether any enquiry requires property details or a criminal background check, thanks to the 1970 Freedom Information Act, most information is within the public domain. However this said,it is more often than not exceptionally difficult to gain access to and this is where probate research steps in and removes countless hours of exhaustive research, travel, expense and energy from your shoulders.

Arguably the most important records search offered is our death records check search.What exactly is a death records check? For what reason would you require one. It may well be obvious that it will uncover important information on an individuals death. You may well not have a handle on the data relevant to a public death record, and consequently, the valuable nature of same.

Firstly, a death record comes about at the time a death i.e. when a death is reported and confirms the following: State/City/Address of the death, Nature and/or cause of death, the recorded date along with any other relevant details. Dependant on your specific reasons for visiting today, locating relevant death records can offer insight in to a situation or person with ease.

You have access to millions of public death records from proprietary and government records that are accurate, up to date and death record information you need. You have available information what most other companies within probate research will not or can not make available.unrivalled attention to the records retrieval process along with optimum information resources. Death record checks that you need are now available in seconds via a state of the art records retrieval service.

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